Sports Massage

Whether on the pitch, the court, the track or in the rink, a sudden injury can change your game significantly. Beginning treatment shortly after the injury occurs will significantly improve the quality of your recovery. As an endurance athlete, routine maintenance can keep you performing at your peak.

Injuries from sport activities can cause the following symptoms:

  • Pain (with or without movement)
  • Decreased range of motion from muscle stiffness
  • Inflammation

These injuries are commonly caused by:

  • Sudden impacts
  • Applied force or effort in excess of strength and conditioning
  • Sudden or Repetitive movement(s)

Massage therapy can be applied pre-event to prepare you for an upcoming activity, or post-event to assist your body in recovery. Often we refer to “sports massage” as a treatment to address sport-related injuries or as part of a restoration/training regimen. Depending on the scenario, treatments follow a classic approach consisting of various applications of massage (i.e. gliding; kneading; rhythmic tapping; friction; vibration;). Pressure can be light or heavy, as the therapist interacts with your body’s nervous system to slow down reactivity, and reduce pain and stiffness.