Our Team​

At ALTURA MASSAGE THERAPY our knowledgeable and skilled staff work together to provide a calm and relaxing environment to promote health and healing of both body and mind for our patients.

Andrew Morrison RMT

Andrew enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and conditions, in particular providing relief and treatment of headache pain, stress, pain management and pre and post-natal care. He has attended a Fascial Congress seminar and has taken further training in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the GH (shoulder) joint. Outside of work Andrew enjoys spending time with his family and gardening.

Available – Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Friday

Ayako Kobayashi RMT

Ayako graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. In 2020, she successfully completed the provincial board examinations to become a Registered Massage Therapist in British Columbia. An individual committed to helping patients manage their conditions, she is excited to start a new chapter in her career. Prior to entering massage therapy, Ayako worked as a shiatsu therapist having graduated from the 2000-hour program at the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy. She further studied the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine at PCU College of Holistic Medicine. On her free time, Ayako enjoys reading, hiking, and solving puzzles.

Available – Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday

Brianna Novedo-Kolp RMT

Brianna is a graduate of the Massage Therapy program at Langara College. She believes that helping someone’s ailments coincides with the awareness and respect of any biological, psychological, or sociological components. She takes every concern a client has into consideration, and is driven to help them towards their goals.

When Brianna is not in clinic, she loves going to the gym and spending time with her dog Tucker. She is an avid foodie, enjoying new restaurants and posting about her experiences!

Available – Wednesday / Friday / Saturday

Christopher Chow BKin RMT

Chris graduated from the RMT program at Vancouver Career College in early 2024. Prior to his journey into the world of massage therapy, Chris graduated from UBC with a degree in kinesiology (BKin) and has worked as a behaviour interventionist for children with autism. These experiences have helped reinforce his studies in massage therapy by equipping him with a strong foundation in human anatomy and movement. It has also made him aware of the need for a holistic, individualized approach to treatment.

Chris has been a Vancouverite his entire life. When he isn’t treating patients, Chris enjoys watching the latest movies, reading a good book, playing a variety of sports, going for a run, and cheering on our Vancouver Canucks.

Available – Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday

John Paul DaSilva CD RMT

Born and raised in BC, John Paul entered the massage therapy profession in 2005. With the biopsychosocial model of pain as a guide, he employs a variety of techniques (incl. deep tissue, point pressure, myofascial release; etc), and develops treatment plans with his patients, to address issues ranging from acute injuries, to chronic pain management and stress.

In his work-life balance, John Paul enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking, overseas traveling, motorcycling and drumming. He works with a non-profit organization, and is a retired member the Canadian Armed Forces.

Available – Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

John Paul DaSilva RMT

Born and raised in BC, John Paul entered the massage therapy profession in 2005 following a career shift from the banking and health insurance fields. With the biopsychosocial model of pain as a guide, he emlpoys a variety of techniques (incl. deep tissue, point pressure, myofascial release; etc), and develops treatment plans with his patients to address issues ranging from acute injuries to chronic pain and stress management.

In his work-life balance, JP enjoys an active lifestyle that includes hiking, traveling, motorcycling and drumming. He is also involved with non-profit organizations.

Available – Monday / Wednesday / Thursday

Katie Bird RMT

Putting your health first isn’t always an easy task, but it’s the first step in creating your own optimal state of wellbeing. Katie enjoys being that person who helps guide individuals in a positive direction, physically and mentally, to make a change for the better.

Katie understands that taking the time to learn and understand an individual’s personal needs is essential for creating an effective massage treatment plan. She utilizes relaxation techniques to help decrease the physical and mental effects that stress can have on the body, while integrating other massage techniques to help decrease pain and discomfort in areas that take the brunt from the day-to-day lifestyle. We tend to underestimate how much pressure the human body is under in order to function appropriately for the task at hand. Whether you are an office worker or a stay-at-home parent, Katie takes pride using manual therapy techniques to help increase patients’ quality of well being. Educating her patients about the origin of their physical discomfort, and providing supportive home care tips, helps provide a long term solution.

Katie graduated from Vancouver Career College and completed board exams in 2020. She particularly enjoys treating maternity patients, Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunctions, and postural dysfunctions.

Katie grew up in the Sunshine Coast, and has been living in Vancouver for over five years. She enjoys experiencing Vancouver’s multiculturalism, loves trying new foods, exploring new places, hiking, trail walking, or simply relaxing at the beach.

Katie looks forward to meeting new people, and hopes to see you in the clinic soon.

Available – Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Thursday

Nikhil Nair RMT

Nikhil is a graduate of CDI College in South Surrey. He experienced working with a wide variety of patients during his student career, and enjoys applying his knowledge and skills to provide a better quality of care to his patients.

Nikhil works actively with patients, helping them overcome their pain toward achieving their optimum level of function. He believes every patient is unique and approaches treatment with respect to their individual complaints. Nikhil was previously a physiotherapist in India, having gained 5 years of experience in rehabilitation and patient care.

In his free time, Nikhil enjoys hiking, trail riding and loves travelling.

Available – Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Sarah Victoria RMT

Sarah is a graduate of Langara College, having completed the Massage Therapy program in December 2022. They are passionate about helping people elevate their quality of life through relieving symptoms of pain and fatigue. Cultivated by time spent as a massage therapy student, Sarah acquired knowledge and experience addressing the body as a whole, and utilizing a variety of techniques to support and achieve the client’s treatment goals.

In their down time, Sarah loves taking photos and sketching scenery while enjoying long walks. Collecting vintage cameras and reading a good book also nurtures their soul.

Available – Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Saturday